HanaHaus, an SAP Labs initiative, is a co-working space and café in Palo Alto, California, designed to bring together and inspire a community of innovators & entrepreneurs to showcase, share & exchange new technology & ideas.


HanaHaus was a great opportunity to address experience design more broadly and take a step back from UX or UI design. I engaged a team from General Assembly who helped us with the project.

To communicate the high-level aspirations of the initiative, I created an "innovator's journey" poster to frame the strategy in the context of a critical actor in the innovation ecosystem.


The poster helped the team level-set strategic goals with our executive stakeholders.



To explore more details around the experience and journey of an innovator visiting HanaHaus, I created a storyboard to explore and communicate what the experience might be, or could be.


app sketches

I sketched ideas for what the APP UX could ultimately be, centering the experience around networking activity and events, which we learned from research was most valuable to customers.


As we worked on the higher level strategic experience vision, we also needed to rapidly design and develop a seat reservation web app for HanaHaus.

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