Logging as a Service (LaaS) is a big data infrastructure to collect and store SAP ABAP application log data. The team needed a website to communicate the solution to executive stakeholders, and internal customers.

LaaS - initial brainstorm.png

Brainstorming & scoping

I had a few weeks to create web content for the infrastructure-based service that was one component of the Praxis project. I met with the team to quickly brainstorm the scope of the effort. User research helped us understand the key needs of our audience.

LaaS - color palette.png

Color palette

LaaS is part of an initiative that uses SAP Fiori for iOS design system as a starting point. I expanded upon that system for the web communications to provide some flexibility in presentation for more marketing-oriented content (as opposed to UI).

LaaS - typography.png


I chose Roboto Slab, Roboto Condensed, and Roboto for the typography for UI and marketing material. I chose Roboto because it's a well designed, proven UI typeface. When combined with Roboto Slab, and Roboto Condensed, it provides excellent options for communication that is highly legible and engaging. 

LaaS - Data Flow.png

Photography & visual design

We knew from research that we needed to clearly articulate who the solution was for and the value it provided. I intentionally selected non-stereotypical photography, and typographically distinguished call-outs.

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LaaS - arch diagram.png

Technical diagrams

LaaS is a technical infrastructure targeting data scientists and data engineers primarily. They have high expectations for technical communication, and written descriptions would not suffice. Detailed technical diagrams were essential.

LaaS - imagery.png


The communication material needed some illustrations to balance text-heavy content and several technical diagrams. I used a simple geometric approach based on a cube that provided numerous options around a simple data-inspired theme.

LaaS - Landing Page.png

visual design

Based on research, I organized and laid out the content according to the needs of the target audience. It was important to provide a simple value proposition and overview of course, but equally important to allow a very technical audience to get into details very quickly and easily.

LaaS - Architecture.png

Content & VISUAL Design

In addition to diagrams, a lot of written technical communication was needed. An excellent content strategist guided our efforts and rigorously edited all the content. I created a simple visual framework to support the chunking of content.